The 2019 Logic School Spring Program


The Logic School Spring Program on Thursday, May 2 proved to be an amazing night showcasing the musical, dramatic and speaking talents of the 5th - 8th graders. The evening began with awards presentations and then alternated between handbell performances and Capstone Presentations. In addition, the Drama Club performed an abridged version of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The evening closed out with commencement remarks by Head of School, Ron Hoch, and the three 8th graders signing the Redeemer Alumni Tree.

Awards 2018-2019

National Latin Exam

139,000 students throughout 20 countries took the National Latin Exam (NLE) this year — most of those students were in high school. Even though our students are much younger than the “normal” NLE test taker, 40% of our kids performed at least as well as the national average, and several of them scored better than that. As a result, they received awards during the program.

Cum Laude
Emme Ritchie (Latin 1)
Libby Kidd (Latin 2)
Jeremiah Esteban (Latin 3)

Macy Waid (Latin 1)
Jessie Brumfield (Latin 2)

Charlie Loucks (Latin 1)
Nathan Dunaway (Latin 2)

National Mythology Exam

In March, all logic school students took the National Mythology Exam. 6th grade students answered questions on the 12 Olympian gods, ‘The Underworld’ and a Native American Creation Story. The following students received awards for their performance.

Jackson Ladner

Walter Kirkwood
Jude Lookabill
Elijah Lorson
Charlie Loucks
Isabel Matter
Madison Pascarella
Emme Ritchie
Macy Waid
Joshua Uribe

Students in 7th and 8th grades answered the same questions as the 6th graders as well as 10 questions about a chapter from a translation of The Aeneid. The following students received awards for their performance.

Audrey Davis
James Fries
Libby Kidd
Silas King
Maddie Ladner
Nicole Landes
Alina Plonsky
Julien Steines
Aubrey Velker

Jessie Brumfield
Nathan Dunaway
Mason Ritchie
Alex Scheidt

Gold  (perfect score)
Jeremiah Esteban

Capstone Presentations

Each year, we challenge our 8th graders to reflect on their time at Redeemer as they prepare to go to another school in the fall. They spend much of their final semester working on their Capstone Presentations. Each student has picked a topic of personal interest and importance to him and has considered how his interest in the subject has been nurtured at Redeemer. Our goal with these presentations is to glorify God through students’ expressions of knowledge in a field in which they are gifted. Below you’ll find the title of each of the 8th graders’ lectures.

Alex Scheidt
Imago Dei

Mason Ritchie
The Importance of the Scientific Method

Jeremiah Esteban

Drama Club

Below is a synopsis of the “Play of Four Couples” the Drama Club performed during the Spring Program.

The play opens with the Duke Thesus and his fiancé Queen Hippolyta. Soon after, we meet a lady, Hermia, who loves a young man, Lysander. (She is supposed to marry a different young man, Demetrius.) And to make it more confusing another young lady, Helena, loves Demetrius too. Somehow all four young people end up in the woods at night with a couple of fairies who themselves are having marital problems.

The Characters (and actors)

THESUS (Jude Lookabill): Duke of Athens about to be wed to Queen Hippolyta
HIPPOLYTA (Isabel Matter): Queen of the Amazons about to wed Thesus
EGEUS (Charlie Loucks): angry father of Hermia who wants his daughter to marry his choice
HERMIA (Jessie Brumfield): a daughter who wants to make her own choice of Lysander
LYSANDER (Elijah Lorson): a young man who loves Hermia and will go away with her
DEMETRIUS (Nathan Dunaway): a young man following those two to get his lady back
HELENA (Maddie Ladner): a young lady who will go to great lengths to get her man
QUINCE (Emme Rose Ritchie): a director who would like to be in charge
NICK BOTTOM (Mason Ritchie): an actor who thinks that he knows best
FLUTE (Jude Lookabill): a young actor who has a beard coming on
STARVELING (Charlie Loucks): an actor who can be astounded
SNUG (Chen En Hu): an actor who is slow of study but roars extemporaneously
OBERON (Jeremiah Esteban): king of the fairies who plays a trick on his fairy wife Titania
TITANIA (Macy Waid): queen of the fairies who finds herself in love with a donkey
FAIRY: CHIEF (Chen En Hu): Titania’s chief fairy
PUCK (Audrey Davis): Oberon’s agent (also known as Robin)
FAIRY: PEASEBLOSSOM (Isabel Matter): Titania’s worker bee
FAIRY: COBWEB (Emme Rose Ritchie): Titania’s worker bee