RCS purchases historic Keezletown School building

Redeemer Classical School announced today that it has purchased the historic Keezletown School Building. The school has rented the facility since 2008, and will now undertake significant improvements to make the campus its permanent home. Redeemer Classical School is the only classical school in the Shenandoah Valley and includes pre-K through 8th grade. It earned full accreditation from Christian Schools International in 2015.

“This was the next logical step for our growing school community,” said Gus Scheidt, Chair of the RCS Board. “We have outgrown the number of working classrooms in the existing facility, but we wanted to buy the building before investing more resources into improving it.”

The school’s enrollment has steadily climbed since the school first opened in 2001, reaching 125 students for the 2016-17 school year.

Scheidt believes the historic 1917 building is a perfect fit for Redeemer Classical School. The school invited the community to help celebrate the building’s 100th anniversary earlier this year.

“We love the idea of preserving this piece of history for the community, since both history and community factor big into the type of education students receive at Redeemer Classical School,” he said.

The classical approach to education emphasizes a deep and thorough understanding of history and organizes curriculum according to historic periods, which are integrated across academic disciplines. Classical education also emphasizes the literary classics and a study of Latin to further develop an understanding of language.

Principal Teresa Patton said, “Redeemer Classical School really is a unique educational environment for students in this area. Our teachers truly delight in instilling a deep love of learning in children with many different personalities and in training them not only in the amazing facts about our world, but also in wisdom and character.”

The official mission of RCS is “to provide for the Christian discipleship of children through a classical education for the greater glory of God.”

The school has kicked off a capital campaign to raise the funds needed to prepare additional classroom space and make other necessary improvements. Anyone interested in contributing can learn more at www.rcsfuture.com. To learn more about the school, visit www.redeemerclassical.org, or contact Teresa Patton at (540) 437-0880.