2017 Capstone Projects

Each spring, 8th grade students are asked to think of a topic that has been of personal importance to them during their time at RCS. Students research and prepare a 3-5 minute presentation to share their developing understanding or skill in their chosen area. Our current 8th graders delivered this Capstone presentation at the Spring Logic School Program on May 4. The following are brief descriptions for the presentations.

Cara Rodes: The Importance of Learning Latin
Cara demonstrated that we have many Latin phrases that we use everyday (et cetera, Anno Domini, and more) as well as many English words that are derived from Latin. Studying Latin has helped her understand the meaning of English words and has improved her spelling. She expects it to continue to benefit her in the future.

Anna Phillips: Hidden Christian Themes in Popular Literature
Anna explained how she has learned to find Christological themes in books through her literature study at RCS. She traced some of these themes through the 8th grade literature text, The Giver by Lois Lowry, and showed how she applied this skill to books she has enjoyed reading outside of class, the Harry Potter series.

Ellen Leaton: Why Mythology
Ellen showed how studying mythology has benefitted her and how mythology pervades our culture. She compared Biblical stories to mythological imitations of these stories, showed how myths reveal human nature, and identified several mythological references in everyday culture. She also sang an original song in which she compared the struggle with sin to Icarus’ temptation to fly to close to the sun.

Harriet King: Equal in His Eyes
Harriet considered how the failure to see humans as being created in God’s image leads to horrible consequences. In particular, she explained how American slavery and the Nazi Holocaust both had their roots in a non-Biblical despising of races other than one’s own.

Joshua Chellarajan: Mysteries of Science
Joshua talked about various mysteries of science: red shift, expanding universes, the incomprehensible speed of light, and expressed hope that he will be part of astronomical discoveries in the future.

Penny Fries: War of the World Views
Penny explained the competing Uniformitarian and the Catastrophist views of geology. She explained that at RCS she studied evidence supporting both views and was taught to understand both sides of an argument before coming to a conclusion. She believes that this skill will serve her well in the future as she encounters various worldviews unlike her own.

Sadie Hollihan: The Story of Joan of Arc
Sadie imitated RCS’ tradition of merging art, history, and literature. She researched the life of Joan of Arc and wrote three original ballads, containing a total of 18 verses. She memorized her ballads and delivered them in the style and dress of a medieval bard. She also painted a large picture of Joan of Arc heading into battle.