Making Mythology Come Alive

The month of February has been filled with all things mythological for the Logic School students at Redeemer Classical School. In their literature classes they’ve been using their writing and presentation skills to help make mythology come alive.

Lookabill New Mr. Olympus

On February 15, 2019, Redeemer hosted the Mr./Ms. Olympus Contest. Hearing that Zeus is retiring to a serene Mediterranean island, nine Greek gods and goddesses (who looked quite a bit like our sixth grade students) competed to become Supreme Ruler of Olympus. Poseidon (aka, Jude Lookabill) came out on top of the competition with his convincing arguments and poise. Hephaestus (aka, Charlie Loucks) earned second place and will be looking for his own opportunity to seize power.

Esteban Wins Vergil Award

A few days later, seventh and eighth grade students competed for the Vergil Award on February 19. They presented for the judges either memorized portions of Book 6 of The Aeneid or original compositions based on the Fitzgerald translation. This year, Jeremiah Esteban won the award for his Dis Daily, the newspaper of the Underworld. The following excerpt from his work shows his clever writing but does not do justice to his entertaining delivery:


Aeneas in the Underworld

Today we have just received reports of another real, live mortal in the Underworld. As shocked as the deceased community is, the same has happened in past years especially highlighting the case with the over popularized bodybuilder Hercules. This mortal, accompanied by Apollo’s sibyl, goes by the name of Aeneas and insists he is here to visit his father and not to kidnap Cerberus. We would like to inform the community that he is wearing armor and carrying offensive weapons, however he is not suspected to use them. Sadly, we cannot turn him away because the so called ‘hero’ does possess the golden bough which signifies the gods’ approval of him. We do ask the community not to taunt or attempt to harm him as he could possibly do damage. “Aeneas is a vain and selfish man.” says Dido, Queen of Carthage, “Although he may be gifted as a warrior and have exceptionally handsome features, I would never trust him with my life if I had one.” The Queen later refused to inform the press of her past relationship with the Trojan war hero. As comfort we would like to remind the community that unless Aeneas already has, he will not be able to kill you.

More Mythology in February

All students in fifth through eighth grade will take the National Mythology Exam on Monday, February 25.