2018 Logic School Spring Program

On Thursday, May 3, the logic school students (6th-8th grade) participated in their spring evening program. All three grades performed as part of their handbell choirs and students were recognized for various academic achievements. In addition, the eighth grade students presented their Capstone Projects.

6th & 7th Grade Bells
”The Voyage,” Mallory
”Gaudio Exsultans,” Stephenson

8th Grade Bells
”I’m Just a Poor Wayfaring Stranger,” arr. Waldrop
”What Wondrous Love is This?,” arr. Dobrinski "
(Josiah Leach on violin and William Peters on bass guitar)

Capstone Projects
The purpose of the Capstone Project is to give students the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of and mastery in a chosen subject area, highlighting personal interests that have been strengthened and nurtured while at RCS. Students worked hard to present themselves and their ideas before an audience, and they all performed very well. The students’ names and topics follow.

Josiah Leach
Math and the Creator

Alana Farren
With Paper and a Pencil

William Peters
The Race That is Set Before Us

Maddie McCay
Latin is Not Dead

Josie Brumfield
Capturing God’s Creation Through Photography

Hudsen Mickley
Seeing God’s Work through Geology

Jax Lassiter
Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

Mary Kirkwood
Ways With the Written Word

Madeleine Dunaway
Digging Into Derivatives

Micah Davis
Art: How Do I Start?

Aiden Hutton
My Color Wheel

Virginia Velker
Mid-Ocean Ridges

Henry Matter
The Importance of Public Speaking (and of Shakespeare, of Course)

National Mythology Exam Awards

In March, all 5th through 8th grade RCS students took the National Mythology Exam. Students answered questions on the 12 Olympian gods as well as questions on ‘Ancient Beginnings’ which concern Greek creation and flood myths. Logic school students also studied Robert Fitzgerald’s translation of the Aeneid and answered questions about Book 2 of that translation. Nationally, 41% of participants earned awards this year, and 81% of our students earned an award. Here are the awards for the 6th - 8th graders:

Gold (Perfect Scores)
Jessie Brumfield
Josie Brumfield
Jeremiah Esteban
Hudsen Mickley
James Fries
Alina Plonsky
Alex Scheidt
Julien Steines

Nathan Dunaway
Aiden Hutton
Silas King
Maddie Ladner
Nicole Landes
Josiah Leach
Henry Matter
Maddie McCay
Porter Mickley
Kaitlin Newkirk
Mason Ritchie
Aubrey Velker
Virginia Velker

Nicholas Bewall
Audrey Davis
Libby Kidd
William Peters

National Latin Exam

The National Latin Exam is actually quite international, administered to 143,000 students all in 25 countries. Many students who take the Latin 2 and Latin 3 National Latin exam are in high school. Despite this, half of our students this year scored at least the national average for the test. Some students scored above the national average and received recognition from the National Latin Exam board.

GOLD Summa Cum Laude
Nathan Dunaway (Latin 1)
Kaitlin Newkirk (Latin 1)
Jeremiah Esteban (Latin 2)
Alex Scheidt (Latin 2)
Josiah Leach (Latin 3)

SILVER Maxima Cum Laude
Jessie Brumfield (Latin 1)
Josie Brumfield (Latin 3)
Maddie McCay (Latin 3)
William Peters (Latin 3)

Magna Cum Laude
James Fries (Latin 1)
Hudsen Mickley (Latin 3)

Cum Laude
Nicholas Bewall ( Latin 1)
Silas King (Latin 1)
Virginia Velker (Latin 3)

National Geographic Bee

During the program, Miss Shickel, the Geography teacher, also recognized Nathan Dunaway for his performance in the State Bee. Nathan, a 6th grader, took 2nd Place for the Commonwealth of Virginia.