Our Vision

Growing Oaks of Righteousness

...that they may be called oaks of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he may be glorified.
— ISAIAH 61:3

Mission Statement

Redeemer Classical School’s Mission is
to Partner with Families
to Provide for the Christian Discipleship of Children
through a Classical Education
for the Greater Glory of God.

To Partner with Families

God has given parents the daunting, glorious calling of discipling their children in all truth. Redeemer Classical School exists to assist families in this high calling. The Christian life is one that is lived in dependence upon the Lord and mutual dependence on one another. It is our desire to pursue the Christian training of children in this context.

We welcome families to enjoy the benefits of this school whether or not they are part of the Christian community.

To Provide for the Christian Discipleship of Children

As we train children, we remind them that all truth is grounded in the knowledge of God and we can only know God through Christ our Redeemer. All of creation is the proper realm of academic and vocational endeavor. So we seek to encourage, challenge and inspire children to live wholeheartedly for God's glory in all they do.

We are committed to working with children with varying levels of ability because we believe that the best education is best for every child. We will seek to draw from each child his or her very best.

We provide tuition assistance to families who are not able to afford the cost of tuition but want this education for their child.

Through a Classical Education

The Classical approach to education has been at the foundation of much of Western thought. Its three stages, grammar, logic and rhetoric are well suited to the natural developmental stages of children. The grammar stage capitalizes on the proclivity of young children for repetition and memory work. During this stage children memorize the basic facts, or grammar, of various subjects. At the logic stage, a child's emerging disposition towards arguing is channeled into the work of arranging these accumulated facts into a logical order. Finally, at the rhetoric stage, maturing young men and women are challenged to think deeply and clearly and to express themselves with precision and beauty. This methodology is called the trivium and is intended to train a child how to explore and think.

The content of a classical approach requires studying the best thinkers of the ages, secure in the fact that God is the author of all truth. Children will be entering into the Great Conversation of Western civilization as they read, discuss and reflect on the best minds of the ages.

Therefore the training a child receives will be characterized by the following:

  • An active approach to learning; memorizing, reading, writing, reflecting and creating as a result of and as preparation for meaningful interaction with their teachers and peers.

  • A working knowledge of history timetables. Our curriculum is organized according to periods of history, which are integrated across disciplines.

  • An emphasis on the literary classics. As a body needs a well-balanced diet, so a mind needs rich and satisfying material to grow. The classics provide a proven "diet" for a growing mind.

  • A study of Latin to further develop an understanding of language, literature and logic.

  • A thorough training in mathematics, science and logic, which help us to see the order, beauty and harmony of God's creation.

  • An aim to train, encourage and inspire the children towards excellence and eloquence in written and spoken expression. Therefore the children will be asked to write and speak often and well.

  • A study of orthodox Christian doctrine, focused on the truths that have bound Christians through the ages, that we might be better able to give glory to God in all things.

Those who oversee, instruct in and administer this school purpose to model a lifestyle of learning. We confess that we do not know all that we should or could and adopt a lifestyle of reading, writing, reflecting and creating. We labor in these ways that we might grow in our love of the good, true and beautiful and that we might more fully worship the One who is the author of all these things.

For the Greater Glory of God

The ultimate focus of human life is to give glory to God. At Redeemer Classical, we do this through acknowledging that parents, teachers, administrators, and students all need redemption through Christ. Children are challenged to live as followers of Christ in every area of life. We strive not only to impart wisdom as well as knowledge, preparing the child for endeavors worthy of a great God.