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Welcome to Redeemer Classical School

Welcome to Redeemer Classical School

The educational system called “classical education” was developed over two millennia with the goal of developing young minds to be wise. This proven approach has produced the greatest thinkers, leaders and scientists in Western civilization. At Redeemer we draw on the best of this rich heritage to build the leaders of tomorrow- young men and women with the tools to seek and appreciate the good, the true, and the beautiful.

Upcoming Events

  • Spring Program (Logic School)
    May 04 @6:30pm at Massanutten Presbyterian Church
  • First Friday Recitations
    May 05 @8:30am at RCS Gymnasium
  • Spring Program (Grammar School)
    May 11 @6:30pm at Massanutten Presbyterian Church
  • Grandparents Day (noon dismissal)
    May 12
  • Memorial Day (no school)
    May 29
  • Logic School Exams (noon dismissal for Logic students)
    May 31 - Jun 02
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RCS Video Gallery

  • Introducing Redeemer Classical School

  • School Song

  • Music at Redeemer

  • RCS at the Harrisonburg Christmas parade

  • Spring Program (2012)

  • The Gettysburg Address recited by some of our 3rd-7th graders in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's famous speech.

The Latest News

  • Festival of the Ages: PIONEER DAYS
    Festival of the Ages: PIONEER DAYS
    Posted on 25 Feb 2016

    Redeemer Classical School is gearing up for its annual community event: the Festival of the Ages. This year parents, faculty and students will be transforming the school for PIONEER DAYS with covered wagons and tee pees, buffalo and open spaces. The event will feature FREE games, prizes, performances, food, and activities for children of all ages. New this year will be a silent auction. The event

  • School Song Unveiled
    School Song Unveiled
    Posted on 14 May 2014

    KEEZLETOWN, Va.—Redeemer Classical School unveiled its school song at its spring program last week, a fitting tribute to the school’s ten-year anniversary. The new song was performed by 23 students from the school’s 3rd, 4th and 5th grades with piano accompaniment. The music is an original composition by teacher Nathan Whittaker and the lyrics, written by teachers Whittaker and Anne Merrin

  • Greek to Us: The Death of Classical Education and Its Consequences
    Greek to Us: The Death of Classical Education and Its Consequences
    Posted on 15 Apr 2013

    In 1999 the A&E cable network broadcast a list of “The 100 Most Influential People of the Past 1000 Years,” selected by a “Blue Ribbon Panel.” Some of the names on the bottom half of the list were rather silly: Princess Diana, the Beatles, Elvis Presley (who was ranked just ahead of Joan of Arc), but the top ten names represent a consensus on what has mattered most to us over the last 500

  • Remarks at the “We are Harrisonburg” Event
    Posted on 17 Sep 2012

    Remarks delivered by Brian Augustine, Board Chair, at the "We are Harrisonburg" event on Sunday, September 16th, 

    On behalf of Redeemer Classical School, I would like to thank Kai Degner and the Islamic Center of the Shenandoah Valley for organizing the “We Are Harrisonburg Gathering” and including Redeemer Classical School in this event. I also would like to thank everyone who has expressed their

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