Facilities to match our quality of education

If you walk around Redeemer Classical School, you will see a campus full of potential. From the young students eager to learn, all the way to the 100-year-old building waiting to be restored. While we have completed a number of renovations and upgrades already — replacing the roofs, upgrading electrical service, installing HVAC, refinishing some classrooms and completely renovating others — there is still much that needs to be improved, not to mention expanded.

We look forward to the day when the physical surroundings of our campus aptly reflect and enhance the amazing activities going on inside the classroom walls.



Renovation of Logic School Classrooms

Below is a description of our plans for completely renovating the remaining Logic School classrooms on the second floor. You can download a .pdf of the full set of the architectural plans by clicking here >

  1. Add a second staircase to assure safe egress in the case of an emergency and also make travel between the two floors more efficient

  2. Strip, patch and refinish the original hardwood floors and install new floors where necessary

  3. Install board insulation on all exterior walls

  4. Fill and cover the back windows

  5. Install drywall on every wall

  6. Replace side windows with more energy-efficient units that match the original design

  7. Upgrade all the electrical and plumbing to include base heaters, outlets and sinks

  8. Install an HVAC unit in each classroom and in the hallway

  9. Install energy-efficient LED lights

  10. Install drop ceiling with insulation above

  11. Put up trim to match the original design, to include wainscotting

  12. Build extra countertops, cabinets and sinks to help facilitate science experiments



Below you’ll find a description of our plans for renovation and expansion over the next five years. We’ll take on these projects as funds become available.

1) Breezeway expansion

We plan to enlarge the breezeway outward and upward in order to relocate our main offices and faculty workroom, create two additional classroom spaces, and provide restrooms on the second floor, including facilities for faculty. The expansion will provide much-needed work and classroom space and also will improve wayfinding and security at the school.


We intend to tackle some long-ignored projects to improve infrastructure systems at the school to include: 2) restructure and pave the parking lots, 3) rebuild the front walkway and steps, 4) install a new wastewater management system, and 5) improve acoustics in the gym/auditorium.

6) Renovation of existing spaces

We have numerous spaces that currently function — such as the bathrooms — but could use an overhaul to make them more efficient as well as aesthetically pleasing.

7) Starting a Rhetoric School

In order to better serve our students, their parents, and our community we desire to establish a Rhetoric school. Doing so will require building additional space to house these four new grades, purchasing new furniture for these classrooms, purchasing new textbooks, and hiring new teachers.