Lifelong physical fitness

Physical fitness plays an important role at Redeemer Classical School. We seek to cultivate the good for our students in both body and soul. We want our students to develop their physical abilities just as much as their intellectual ones.

Through a combination of Physical Education classes, Athletic Clubs, and Athletic Teams students learn the value of physical health and well-being, develop their motor skills, improve their fitness, and hone important life skills like teamwork, resilience, and achieving set goals. As in all things, emphasis is placed on lifelong learning and development.

Physical Education

Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade have structured physical education classes three days a week. Logic School students meet for P.E. twice a week. Here students learn a variety of different sports and fitness routines, and are taught how to make physically healthy decisions throughout their lives. The activities students participate in are designed to improve physical coordination, strength, cardiovascular health, and nutrition.

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Athletic clubs

Students in PreK through 8th grade have the opportunity to participate in a number of athletic clubs including:

  • Basketball Club

  • Running Club

  • Track Club

  • Volleyball Club

These teams are designed to give students the practice they need to develop their skills in these respective sports without a competition schedule.

Athletic teams

A number of athletic teams are open to students in 5th – 8th grade. The Griffins compete in the following:

  • Volleyball

  • Cross country

  • Track and field

  • Golf

Additional sports may be offered depending on student enrollment and demand. The focus here is on individual and team improvement through a combination of practices and a moderate competition schedule.