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September Message from the Board

September Message from the Board

Welcome to another year at Redeemer! 

The school continues to thrive, and this year with another increase in enrollment, we are once again concerned about available space in our building. The difference now is that it is truly “our” building. Over the summer, we completed the process of purchasing the Old Keezletown School building and grounds, and we are now in a position to fully invest in renovations to the building to accommodate our growth. As you may have heard, our hope was to complete two additional classrooms in the upstairs portion of the front part of the building, but we were unable to get this work completed before the start of school. Because we still want to finish these improvements as soon as possible, the construction of the two classrooms will be completed during the fall semester.

The security of our children is paramount to us, so during times of construction, the front of the building will be closed off from the rest of the school, and construction workers will enter and exit through the front door to access the the upper floor. Students and parents will enter and exit the building through the side door after 8:00 a.m. each morning.

We have also increased the general security of the school by installing video cameras around the exterior of the building and in the main thoroughfare of the interior. These cameras are continuously monitored by the office staff, and any movement is automatically recorded. We have also installed a video doorbell on the side door entrance, and office staff are able to identify and communicate with visitors before admitting them into the building.

If you have any questions about these or other matters, you are always welcome to contact the Board of Directors (via email at [email protected], or any of us are happy to speak to you individually).