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5th Grade Mythology Exam Medals

5th Grade Mythology Exam Medals

This spring, the fifth grade class participated in the National Mythology Exam — administered by Excellence Through Classics — for the first time. The purpose of the exam is “to motivate students to learn about classical mythology and literature.” The fifth grade students completed 40 questions on the Olympic gods and 10 questions on Hercules.  

100% of the students who were able to take the exam earned a medal! You can see their names and the medals they earned below:

Gold (perfect score):  
Jessica Brumfield
Nathan Dunaway
James Fries
Nicole Landes
Kaitlin Newkirk
Julien Steines

Nicholas Bewal
Audrey Davis
Violet Hollihan
Silas King
Porter Mickley
Eleanor Tjaden
Aubrey Velker

Miriam Loucks