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Located at 1688 Indian Trail Rd in Keezletown, VA


Our Philosophy

Our educational philosophy can best be described by the terms “classical” and “Christian”: rigorous academic training that’s grounded in the Christian faith.

WE BELIEVE that we have much to learn from history; therefore, our curriculum is rooted in developing in students an understanding of the broad sweep of history that has shaped our culture. We do this by integrating the curriculum across disciplines for specific time periods. 

WE BELIEVE that studying mathematics, science and logic helps us see the order, beauty, and harmony of God's creation. Through these studies, we learn more about God Himself and how to glorify Him.

WE BELIEVE that good books are like nutritious food. As a body needs a well-balanced diet, so a mind needs rich and satisfying material to help it grow mentally and spiritually. Because of this, our students will read the classics. 

WE BELIEVE in the power of the written word; therefore, our students will be asked to write, write often and write well. 

WE BELIEVE that in God we find the source of all knowledge; thus, our students will study orthodox Christian doctrine in order to return all glory to our Maker.